Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to run an Android Project in a Android phone

How to run an Android Project 
in a Android phone

In this tutorial,i am going to show how to run the android project application in a android smart phone.First of all,the developer need to know where the project is saving in the system.

Normally the workspace of the android project of Eclipse will be in  the 
My Document file itself in Windows XP and in User folder in Windows 7.

First step is to find the workspace of Android Project.It is easy to find by searching the path from the Eclipse.

         If you find the workspace folder.Select the ANDROID  project which you want to execute in the smartphone.

Consider the steps
   Hera consider the bellow example.

1.Selecting the project named helloworld from workspace is shown bellow.

2.In the helloworld folder.Select the bin folder

3.In the bin folder,helloworld.apk file is kept as like in the bellow figure.

4.Copy and paste the helloworld.apk file into your smartphone by using  
     bluetooth or wire transfering.

5.After transering the file,the file can be taken where it is copied earlier.
     If you use bluetooth for file transfering the file will be in the Bluetooth    
     folder in the MyFiles folder in the android smartphone.

6.Select the file.After selecting the user interface provide an option to
     Instal or Cancel.

7.Select Instal to instal  the application in the smart phone.

8.After instalation,the shortcut will be available in the icons in the phone.

9.In this case,the icon called helloworld with default android icon will be  
     available along with the other shortcuts.

10.Select the icon.Then the output will be shown as like in the emulator in 
       the Eclipse.

Hope you all understand.

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Anonymous said...

The emulator takes long time to load
Is it common or is it due to my PC malfunction

Anonymous said...

The emulator takes long time to load
Is it common or is it due to my PC malfunction

Roney Kakkanatt said...

Emulator startup takes much time to run properly dont worry

Anonymous said...


Ur tutorials are going well